About Fibromyalgia Programme UK and Ireland

Dr Veronica Downes MB BCh BAO DRCOG MRCGP, has immense experience in dealing with the full reality of fibromyalgia. Creating the capacity to extricate sufferers from that which tethers them to a seriously compromised life has needed enormous effort and commitment. Nevertheless it has been broadly and solidly achieved.

From a background as a general practitioner in the UK and Ireland, a clear path of interest in the phenomena of chronic pain and invisible disability/loss of functionality opened up. It was obvious that sufferers were not fabricating. The reasons for such suffering were not readily apparent nor fitted adequately with the prevailing medical model. Holding the truth of such repeated experiences as the “north star” rather than the standard medical model, a new vista of understanding gradually opened up. The pieces began to fit together. Returning the person to who they were became more and more reliable and successful.

Over time, no matter what the experience of the sufferer, it was found that there was always a reason for it. Rarely was the reason easy to see, but always there was a concealed, convoluted one. It was never pure depression, pure fabrication, pure laziness etc. It always resolved once a way was found to put the power back on and restore the order to the system.

Finding the components to achieve this required much more than was initially contemplated. As more and more complexity and severities opened up, it became apparent that the magnitude of the condition was much greater than what was being represented to health professionals and the literature.

Since the usual clinical toolbox for a doctor failed to really restore functionality, a new toolbox had to be created based on a massively expanded perspective. As time passed and experience mounted, subtle but vital new insights and new techniques began to unfold. These techniques, are not at a mechanical level, but of an entirely different and higher order.

For those who complain that they have been completely “round the block” and can’t be bothered to take another step –the good news is that Dr Downes has been completely round the proverbial galaxy. In essence what has been developed is the ability to reboot and repair human biocomputer systems. Systems which are often not just a little damaged but whose functionality has been all but annhilated. Putting you back in the driving seat of your own life is the priority.