Awakening & Alerting You

You may have an official diagnosis of Fibromyalgia or you may be in a state of confusion as to what is happening to your body and indeed your life. While it is appropriate to attend for tests and a medical assessment – to assist in clarifying your experience, the following are “Flags” which may point to a slide into Fibromyalgia:

Flags of Verbalised Expressions:

  • “I feel like a complete hypochondriac”
  • “I feel I am falling apart”
  • “My bounce/spark/creativity is gone”
  • “I don’t recognise myself any more”
  • “Everything is such an effort”
  • “If I do anything – I pay for it”
  • “I feel as if somebody pulled the plug”
  • “I won’t go as I don’t know how I’ll be”
  • “I feel I’m ‘losing it’ with all these crazy symptoms/pain”
  • I’ve never been right since ………..(“accident/bereavement” etc)

Physical Flags for Fibromyalgia

  • Pain; Flitting and moving about/poorly responsive to intervention and painkillers.
  • Tenderness: Prolonged or excessive responses to, often mild pressure.
  • Restless Legs: Needing to move the legs or vague irritation in legs.
  • Erratic Power to Body zones: Lack of endurance
  • Heaviness: ‘Head’ heavy, leaden feelings in limbs
  • Energy instability: Having to ‘power oneself’ or ‘charge up’ oneself with rest before an event.
  • Unsteady Temperature: autonomic dysregulation of thermostat in brain.

Emotional Flags for Fibromyalgia

  • Loss of robustness or coping capacity.
  • Erratic or illogical emotional responses
  • Emotions of anxiety/distress ‘hot wiring’ to focal zones of the body like nausea/palpitations/loose stools
  • Flatness of mood: No sense of enjoyment of anything.

Intellectual Flags

  • Loss of interest/ability to read for leisure or work
  • Reduced flow of efficiency in work environment
  • Concentration and memory deterioration
  • “Clunkiness” in executing complex tasks initially, then more simple tasks.
  • Disappearance of extra creative edge
  • Comparative slowness in processing new tasks/skills/info.

If you are noticing that your comfort and functionality has changed – observe and get conscious. Do not ignore this pattern. Sometimes, fibromyalgia starts very rapidly – but mostly it is a subtle, sliding, stepping down and away from your full life. If you are becoming unusually conscious of body parts in terms of pain, disturbance or weakness – something is going wrong. It may not be reaching a level of disturbance detectable under normal laboratory screening methods but it nevertheless is worthy of attention PAYING behaviour.

Your symptoms can come and go BUT:

  • If you are losing functionality for work or daily life
  • If you are losing patterns of ‘you’
  • If you are beginning or continuing to feel as if you are ‘falling apart’ you are likely to be heading in the wrong direction and getting worse.


  • Do not “just get on with it”
  • Do not blithely “hope for the best”
  • Do not “wait for the magic bullet”


  • Do get local sophisticated help (if available)
  • Do eliminate wheat and reduce/eliminate dairy
  • Do watch other foods that upset you but don’t obsess over it
  • Do cut out wine and beer
  • Do limit the output of yourself to others where possible.
  • Do make contact 00 353 21 4863145