Correcting Process

So what exactly does she do?

Fibromyalgia is generally an acquired condition. That means there was a time when you were not affected by these problems. That was a time when your body ran itself more accurately than it does now. The core of this work is to restore your body’s ability to run itself as it was originally designed to do.

So this work does not compensate for lost function or power with pharmaceutical drugs in the main, but works to re-establish the innate ability of the body to self- govern and run its own show, so to speak. The process is not a “curing” one – but a correcting one.

There is no “cure” in so far as there is no one particular problem which can be removed. But there can be a “correcting” process. In a similar way to a process of tidying a room or repairing some electronic malfunctions in a system, the process of correcting fibromyalgia is that of incremental cumulative small corrections to what-ever is not working within you.

Essentially, I fix you – so you can fix yourself.

Your reparative healing processes have stalled or crashed like a computer, heavily laden with viruses. You can no longer “reboot” yourself or fire up your system to full throttle. As has been said – “there was nothing to push back with” after all that had happened. So, for those who find after many years of suffering that there is “nothing to push back with”, what do you do, except allow yourself to sink into deeper and deeper patterns of function loss? And these patterns of function loss remain largely invisible to the outside world?

What you are largely missing is Parasympathetic drive or healing drive which is inherently behind the ability to bounce back after injury, insult, trauma or illness. It is the counterbalancing force to the stress which rocked you to begin with. Re-assembling it after it is broken is a highly specialized task and one which has taken very considerable work to accomplish.

But once that drive is re-established in you; your life and the pattern of who you are begins to take shape again. You start coming out of the maze that you generally have got lost in over the years. This programme is not about making you comfortable while you gradually sink in function and wellbeing. It is about refloating the boat of your Being so you can direct your own life again.

It is done through minimal finger- tip contact with the skin in very small areas at a time to recode the system for corrected function. It could be likened to “re-stitching the tapestry of you”. It is not massage, reiki, dietary, manipulative or the like. It is “spa-like” to receive, with the main effects occurring in the 2 to 3 days following the session. The effects are robust, cumulative and incrementally long lasting.

You get, YOU, back……..You get the ability to run your body, Being and life again.

Maybe it’s time to get your life back on track?