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Let us address the issue of the word “cure”. There is a great deal of absolutism regarding this word. Those who say there is “no cure”, hold it as an absolute and those who can “cure” 100% hold it as an absolute. Neither is absolutely true.

While there are a multitude of malfunctions in Fibromyalgia, there is no one pathology in all sufferers which needs to be excised/extracted/suppressed etc. It is a disorder – a loss of order in a highly complex, sophisticated self processing system.

If a room is disordered – one would not “cure” it. One would tidy or reorder it. How much re-ordering and therefore correction of the system needed obviously depends on the level of disorder present.

On one hand, those who promise 100% cure have no idea of the variation nor depth of severity being experienced by people, but those who say that it is 100% impossible cannot know all of the highly significant developments which have popped into existence in recent years.

For such is the profusion of 21st century developments, the truth is that no one human being can access or process it all. Medical professionals typically work under immense service pressures which leave little latitude for exploration of new concepts, as opposed to new data. Such concepts being set at an awkward angle of reality evade detection and go either missed or dismissed.

Through years of almost forensic level tracking of human experience, Dr Downes has configured a new framework of insight and intervention regarding the realities of fibromyalgia.

Progress in both understanding of it and impact on it continues at a remarkable pace. Therefore, do not fall either into abject fatalism nor unconscious optimism. Fibromyalgia is often very straightforward to correct in the early and medium terms phases with the programme and for the most part the other levels just need a good deal of highly sophisticated but robust individualised approaches.

Do not track or navigate by your symptoms alone as you will not notice yourself going down a spiral staircase. Watch your OVERALL functionality and the pattern of yourself.

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