Other Conditions which can be treated

Alleged psychosomatic illness (it almost never is simply that, as the body will have malfunctioning hidden mechanisms which when corrected will resolve the issue).

Previously investigated but unresolved issues which occur in the soft tissues. This could be peculiar feelings in the legs or arms with no cause found.

“Crazy” symptoms which you can’t even articulate for fear of heavy psychiatric diagnosis. Once the body’s ordering system fails (autonomic intelligence) or gets scrambled, you get left with the crazy. If order is restored, the crazy typically stops. Always a mechanism.

Any of the individual problems that occur in fibromyalgia without the whole context of fibromyalgia as a diagnosis; eg
Restless legs, sinusitis, dry mouth, neck pain, irritable bowel, constipation, back pain, light sensitivity, sleep disturbance, loss of power, immune system problems, PMS etc etc.