Premium Programs for Well BEING.

From the many years of intricate work, observation and developments, new possibilities for well BEING have now opened up.

As much as we are accustomed to indulging in wellbeing activities like going to spas, doing yoga, eating well etc, there are deeper levels to well BEING than most people realize. These Premium programs of restoration for your BEING, typically go far deeper and achieve far more in a shorter space of time than standard approaches do.

That is because the BEING does so much more than we realize and when it is enabled and restored, it allows us to fly higher in our lives. This work of the BEING is highly specialized and evolved and ready to unfold to bring you greater joy, comfort, awareness and exuberance in your life.

Having developed the skills needed to repair the most deeply broken human infrastructure in people with fibromyalgia, the evolved work is now able to offer magnificent new opportunities for a different spectrum of people. Once the principals of foundational repair came to be understood, new possibilities for advancement clicked into view and into existence.

The Three Program types are:

Specialized zonal restoration:
This unique program of work to organically restore body zones to comfort and functionality to athletes, dancers, singers and indeed performers of all types, who have worn down their related body zones (eg. knees, feet, throat, chest) in pursuit of their dreams. The aesthetic merits of this work are also tremendous, as the whole zone becomes more youthful and infused with life and beauty. It is also possible to restore soft tissue zones in the nasopharynx to resolve snoring in a very organic, simple to receive way.

Restoration of the BEING:

Most people are weighed down to a greater or lesser extent by life’s events, bereavements and assorted emotional challenges. It is truly awesome to witness the transformations which occur when such unconscious pains are unloaded from your system. Along with the restorative work to correct the subtle mechanics of the BEING you become empowered upwards to experience greater things, protect yourself better and hold a more positive self-image. The benefits are immense for the individual, a couple in a pattern of life strain and for their children. This work, you have got to experience!!

The Joy of flying higher!

Humans are meant to be high flyers. Not in the wall street sense but in the sense of being a reflection of creative divine force. The Creator wishes the created to create. Whether that creation is baking, drawing, playing the piano, singing, writing, skateboarding or whatever, you need your data to flow to allow for sophisticated activities. If it doesn’t you are left with perpetual struggles to reach your true capacities. The BEING definitely doesn’t like this. Wherever you are on the spiral staircase of skill attainment (tentative beginner, plateaued performer, or ambitious diva/divo), better is typically possible. Even those who struggle with learning to drive or other use other complicated technology, you too could benefit from an upgrade! Do you really want to stand in the way of your own joy and fulfillment? Explore what is possible!