Reaching & Repairing You

FIBROMYALGIA IS DECEPTIVE. Relief of symptoms alone falls way below what is really needed in dealing with the condition. If, what you are currently doing, is retrieving your FUNCTIONALITY, and restoring your PATTERN of who you are, continuing as you are doing is fine (probably). If what you are currently doing is providing some brief or limited relief but you can do less and less, have less and less tolerance and interests – you need to awaken from unconsciousness! Matters are sliding, you know they are – and you need to take action.

As fibromyalgia disruption deepens, you may need increasing time off work, or even have to give up your job. In which case, you may lose financial leverage in all areas of your life, including accessing corrective treatment.

As your physical system becomes more disrupted, travel becomes very difficult and being in public places is borne more problematically. You cycle into less and less interactive situations.

On a more subtle note, you may find decision making, mood stability and mental energy levels more problematic. Therefore, your ability to line up what Dr Downes terms your “corridor of intent” more difficult. You will find it more difficult to filter and edit intrusive, negative, destructive thoughts and more difficult to launch yourself into clear form and follow up. Of all issues, this is the most problematic as you are at the mercy of your internal emotional hijacker. You will need a steady rock of support and guidance behind you and with you to keep your both focussed on the objective (you in all your comfort and glory) and to shield you from the naysayers and pessimists who can litter your path.

For those inside the Republic of Ireland – it is now mostly an issue of committed attendance, patience and faith in the process. For those outside, there are logistical problems. However, do not presume that you are beyond access. Call 00 353 21 4863145.

The FIBROMYALGIA PROGRAMME is now operating at a level of conceptual sophistication that is very rare in its composite pattern and very complicated to articulate. It has gone way past the biochemical/nutritional/mechanical paradigm and further up into the informational/ biocomputer paradigm.

As a metaphor, you need your onboard “computers” repaired or upgraded to cope with what life is throwing at you. We know that the biocomputer of the autonomic nervous system processes a great deal of ‘behind the scenes’ activities in human systems. How much it is really doing is only apparent when the system goes wrong as in fibromyalgia and other related conditions. Rebooting power and information to your biocomputer system is quite a task. This unfortunately needs to be done at the level the faults are occurring at. If it is at a mostly mechanical level as in early fibromyalgia then readily available treatments such as physiotherapy, acupuncture, massage help. But if it is at a much higher level you have to approach it at that level.

What initially just feels like a corridor back to normality, becomes more like a dark, steep, laborious maze as disorder takes more hold. Manoevering around the maze can be incredibly difficult on one’s own as the normal navigational indicators are all very unreliable. It’s easy to get lost.

While Dr Downes treats by the symptoms, she does not track by them. They are grossly unreliable as to where one is in this maze. Resolution of symptoms does not mean in this context that all is resolved. Continuation of the symptoms does not mean that all is unresolvable. The programme is about the restoration of power and order to your biocomputer system. If full order and power are restored then all of the symptoms will resolve anyway. The pain and symptoms are the flashing lights and the mayday signals telling us that you are in downward trajectory of disorder. We don’t smash out the lights- we work to restore governance so that the lights on the dashboard will go out of their own accord. The Programme is based on quantum physics, consciousness medicine and understanding of fascial configurations in human systems. It is different because it needs to be. It is also extremely successful for not only the resolution of pain but the restoration of functionality.

Pain is resolved by rebuilding the supply networks to the perineural fascia and functionality is restored by reestablishing the supply chains of information to all disrupted sites in the body and the being. None of the work is invasive and all is highly heart centred in a quiet and gentle environment.

We look forward to assisting you return to your life, your comfort and your functionality.

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