I have attended Dr Downes over a period of 8 months now. I went with numerous problems related to my fibromyalgia, many of which had consistently been dismissed by my GP and consultant. I had been diagnosed six years before and some of my bigger issues were pain, stifffness, swollen hands and feet and I was so very very tired. Worst of all was that despite my best efforts I was still deteriorating and slowly had stopped doing many everyday things.

All of these have dramatically improved. I now walk everywhere, wake up in the morning with no pain or stiffness, wear normal sized shoes and generally just get on with living my life. I can say yes to invitations without worrying how I will feel or if I will need to go home early. I no longer worry that work or travel will overwhelm me or think about having to plan for lots of rest breaks. The benefit started with the first session and after about three ( sessions) I literally felt as if I was walking on air!

I find myself doing things automatically that before would have taken days to summon the motivation and will to do. In fact I regularly amaze myself now! Dr Downes’ care has given me myself back,something I thought was simply not possible……


Fibromyalgia had expressed itself in every fibre of my body and I was rendered incapable of functioning. Life ground to a halt. I found Dr Downes, and I started on my recovery programme and I have never looked back. I love sitting into my car and setting out on my 300km journey for my appointment with Dr Downes.

At the end of 2011, I have reached a place that I never thought I would be. She has brought me to a place where I have full control of my life and body again. Through her programme, I’ve returned to work and in the last 3 years have never had a sick day, and find myself able to undertake more responsibility at work all the time. I actively participate in school events, clubs, fundraising, kids weekends away, climb mountains and run a few miles at a time. My message to everyone out there- you can achieve this once you have the professional help that Dr Veronica Downes provides.


I had always been an independent person and I then had to rely on family to do normal household tasks. Even washing my hair became a chore since raising my arms took such effort. Excruciating pain was a consistent issue along with the lack of sleep and tiredness. Finally I became both physically and mentally exhausted. Then I was introduced to Dr Downes from the Quantum Clinic of Integrative Medicine and my life CHANGED.

My pain is resolved. I have progressed to having more strength and increased power in my body. Fatigue and tiredness have been alleviated. Fundamentally I am doing great. There is bounce back in my body and I now look forward to and enjoy everyday with little effort. Swimming and walking are now routine again and I look forward to going out and meeting friends. I AM BACK. MY LIFE IS BACK. I am very fortunate to have met Dr Downes and I thank God daily for having crossed her path and I look forward to her continued support.


Before I attended Dr Downes, I had constant, excruciating pain on my right side, and I had persistent insomnia, which made everything go around in vicious cycles. I had to force myself through every day. It was difficult to have any sense of quality of life.

Now, I only experience occasional twinges of pain which don’t interrupt my life. I have normality and contentment and comfort in my own skin. Piece by piece my life has come back together again. I am happy and again in control of my life.

Mary D

In my late 50’s, early 60’s, I had a very active life (wife, mother, grandmother and a practising nurse in clinical and then administrative roles). However, life became an increasing struggle. My energy started dropping, I developed a myriad of symptoms and had poor sleep. This led to absences from work, and though I reduced my workload, I still found myself in a downward spiral. I then “crashed”, with severe mental fog, pain and extremely limited mobility to the point of episodically needing a wheel chair.

But I found Dr Downes, and for a while had to travel to her lying down in the back seat of the car, with my husband driving. But now I am pain free, and I can do all I want to do and more. I am sharp mentally, can garden and cook to my hearts content, and look forward to new challenges. I remember that on the first visit, she calmed my worries about my age, reassuring me that she could help me, saying “but you still have enormous potential”. I didn’t see any potential then, but I can see and appreciate it now. My spark of life has been relit. I feel better now age 68, than I did in my 40’s as regards energy and enthusiasm. I have commenced a new chapter of my life, as I am making up for those lost years.


This is where I was in my life, before I attended Dr Downes: I couldn’t walk or hold my children on my lap as it would hurt me. I couldn’t run after my child when he was in danger. I couldn’t find a comfortable perch on which to sleep at night, but I would be in bed when my children came home from school. I couldn’t do any activity with my family and I couldn’t even wear my clothes comfortably as I was so sore. My heart was broken looking out at how my life was-it was falling apart. I could do nothing.

Now, I am in a wonderful place. Now, I am my own person. I walk four miles every day. I can do everything I want to do and we have great fun together as a family. Whenever I get a pain now, I can see that it is only my body tissue reshaping and strengthening. Because I am now well our whole household has been transformed.


Every day was like ground hog day. I couldn’t rush or function clearly or smoothly. Any stress would make my pain and tiredness really overwhelming. I couldn’t cope with life.

This programme has given me back my tomorrows – in that I can run my life again. The power to drive my physicality was restored to me, and with it my life, myself and my ability to cope. I can walk three to four hours now, at a time, if I want to. My situation was deeply acknowledged, by Dr Downes and explained for the first time in 30 years. I didn’t feel crazy anymore, as I had a new understanding and a realization of what was happening. My life is full of joy and appreciation now.


I would have always been a very fit and active person and someone who was very independent. I developed chronic back pain, needing a discectomy, from which, unfortunately, I never recovered. Back pain, fibromyalgia and severe insomnia took over my life to the point of not being able to get out bed. I was off work for 6 months. I was just about managing my family (with massive support from my parents) and working on reduced hours before I attended Dr Downes.

Now, I mostly can forget about my back, as I am rarely bothered by pain. I am able to do Bikram yoga, swim, walk miles and have returned to my original hours, and even take on new projects at work. I manage my busy family life with ease, and feel in control of my life again. I now think of and look forward to new challenges in my life.